May 9, 2012

Wanting More.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, I'm always happy, upbeat, only sleep 4 hours a day and love what I do for money more than the money. I have a fantastic family and an amazing wife. I'm wondering if I want more or should indeed ask for more. No matter what happens I always find a positive angle to rebuild upon. What's my problem or should I have one? Is it right to be so happy and content all the time?


It’s more than alright to be happy and content, it is your birthright. This is what normal life is designed to be — happy. Your only problem is in thinking that you have a problem. It’s okay to desire more, and it’s fine to be content and grateful with all you have. The two things, desire and contentment, can now coexist. That is the secret of detachment, you have your wishes and hopes, but the outcome whatever it is cannot disturb your happiness.


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  1. Zulma

    oh yeah, I`m

  2. Steve Wein

    I agree /w this statement.

  3. ricci

    You ALL have a right to be happy and a right to be happy about it. Yes, you`re entitled to make improvements in your life. But it`s always good, no matter what, to find the good already there. In the last 7 years, I unfortunately lost a son & daughter (twins) 3 hours after they were born and buried them both on the same day. I became ill with lupus and it took many docs to figure out what was wrong. I lived in excruciating bone crushing pain for 3 years. As I prayed for relief, I was met with comments like "you`re a drug seeker" or "you are just depressed" or worse yet "you are making it up." Even after diagnosis, things didn`t get better. The damage was done. Within four months I had to go on disability and give up a career I loved. I lost my home and my other two children went to live with my mom, totally the loss of 4 children through no fault of my own. All four! My relationship ended, friends were gone, my credit was ruined. I can`t tell you an area of my life that didn`t suck! The last two years I have spent living in poverty, often homeless wondering why no one cared. The pain & frustration have been more than I care bare. But I knew God left me on this earth for a reason, even tho I no longer wanted to be here. So I searched and I held on for the ride. Somewhere along the way I discovered I could sing and write music. The rest was history. I still am struggling, but I am trying everyday to keep going. I`m proud of all that I am still standing today after all I`ve been through. If you don`t have to go through this stuff, you SHOULD be happy. If you ever feel sad, please just remember me. This is a true story. You can hear my music at Thanks!

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