August 28, 2012

Wandering Thoughts.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am finding meditation to be my best source of relaxation. But, I sometimes, well often wander off into thoughts that do not help, like bill payments and so on. Any advice you have to "train" my brain into maintaining a calm and blank slate whilst meditating? Thanks


When you are meditating and you find that your mind has wandered off on thoughts of bills or anything else, notice that you are not thinking the mantra. Then easily return to thinking the mantra. Do this every time you realize your mind strays during your meditation practice That’s all the ‘brain training’ that is required. Don’t push away the thoughts or resent them, just be neutral toward the thoughts. Also, bear in mind that thoughts play an essential role in the cycle of the mind diving deep into silence and then coming back out to the surface. It is not a useful model to hold that your mind should be blank and calm the entire time of your meditation. Even brief moments of silence followed by thoughts will have profound effects on your mind and body. Let the meditation process unfold and deepen naturally without expectations. Your higher self knows best what needs to develop, and when you meditate effortlessly, that cosmic intelligence will bring you precisely the experiences you need.


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  1. XENAD2

    I Think you should shift to Himalaya , concentrate more on Meditation & Forget paying Bills.

  2. pathros

    Think of the thoughts as birds flying overhead and as you do when you see a bird, you allow it to fly away, so if you do the same with the thoughts they will decrease in number and eventually be replaced with stillness.

  3. roopaprabhakar rpedits

    Dear sir , when you are you are threatened and while writing how do u handle thoughts i also meditate and do my meditation and yoga regulargly after hyperlinking i feel a little threatened and phobic at times how do we handle sir i love to write thank you sir kindly advice roopa prabhakar

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