July 7, 2023
Ask Deepak

Visualizing Chakra Colors.


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I meditate to your videos and CD’s. I journal my experiences and am very spiritual. I recently purchased your chakra meditation CD and I’ve done other chakra meditations and have even had a chakra balancing massage with oils. No matter what I do, I cannot visualize the colors. It’s not even just colors I can’t visualize, I cannot just close my eyes and visualize anything if I try. It’s frustrating to me because I want to connect but all I see is blank. I never remember dreams either. Is there something I can do to open up the part of my brain that must be holding back? I feel like I’m missing a deeper connection. Thank you.


It is not necessary to visualize well to get the full benefit of the meditations. That is only provided as an additional support to the meditation. Some people are not as visually oriented as others. You may be more auditory or tactile based. The subtle quality of the sound of the mantra is what ultimately ensures the connection to that part of your true self, so don’t worry or feel frustrated about the visualization. You are not missing anything.



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