July 13, 2022
Ask Deepak

Vegan Diet.


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Dear Deepak, What are your thoughts about Vegan nutrition? On the long term, is it okay for babies, young children, and adults of all ages? In our culture, the medical and collective conviction about deficiencies are so present. Are these concerns justified? And what if someone cannot eat soya? I take this opportunity to thank you for your precious healing and teaching work.


With a vegan diet you still need to ensure that you are eating a balanced diet that provides your nutritional needs, but that really isn’t so difficult.  In practice, vegans usually eat fresher foods that are less processed, so they consume less sugar, trans fats and empty carbohydrates, and this is a big improvement over the typical Western diet. Also, the attention they bring to eating means that they are more likely to be conscious eaters and in touch with their body’s natural signals of hunger and satiation. In What Are You Hungry For, I write about has listening to these signals about what you actually desire is a more important standard for healthy eating than any specific diet you may follow.



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