March 18, 2015

Using the Mantra.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 Dear Deepak:

Like many people I am learning meditation on my own, without a trained instructor. I have a question about mantra application–as I am not sure what is the proper way you best use it. Should the mantra be at the forefront of your mind during meditation, or somewhere in the back? Another way to explain my question is this; sometimes when I use the mantra it feels like I am saying it in my mind, but sometimes, if I push it to the back, it is almost like I am simply hearing it. With the mantra in the back of my mind it feels more relaxing, but I also tend to fall asleep more this way; whereas when I keep it in the forefront of my mind it helps me stay awake. Any clarification is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all your help.


The best way to use the mantra is easily and effortlessly. Never concentrate, focus or strain the mind to hold on to it or to think it distinctly. It’s okay if it naturally comes to mind clearly and distinctly, but when it changes and becomes more abstract, vague and indistinct, that’s fine, it naturally will as the mind settles down. If  the mantra slips away, let it. Don’t try to keep it in the forefront of your mind, even if it means you fall asleep in your meditations for a while.  

Come back to  the mantra once you realize your mind is off thinking other thoughts. And when you reintroduce  the mantra, it may feel vague or even distorted, that’s okay. The mantra can  be thought as faintly as a unformed memory. All you need is a sense that it is your mantra, and that is enough.



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  1. Janice Byrne

    Have seen on one of your online sites a written explanation of the mantras used with your free online meditation series. Can't find them today. I was going to print them out so I could have them as a reference. Help. There were about 3-4 of these. Thank you

  2. Andres A Nunez Sr

    Like most people, I am trying to learn meditation without any help at all and the problem I am having is that my concentration or meditation is interrupted with too many thoughts and at this point I get some kind of confused...Would anybody have a better guidance about this issue.....?

  3. kul

    Hi Deepak is ur kundalini awakened, if so how????

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