March 5, 2018

Using Archetypes.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.



I once attended one of your seminars on Synchrodestiny and one of the things you said then has left its mark: a) true synchrodestiny goes beyond the personal to the archetypal…and the universal. b) one should ask the archetypes within us to come into our bodies and meet us….
The problem for me is that my archetypes, without my knowing, have completely taken over my emotional life, especially the Mother Goddess one, and this since childhood, so that I have no access to my personal, ordinary, normal female self. This normal self is only visible to me, all others see the blessed Goddess and react accordingly.
The result, inevitably, is a lot of confusion (for them) and a lot of pain (for me).
So dear Deepak, am I making sense…and if yes, how do I get out of this trap? Please help, if you can, because I really would like to meet the ordinary little me; the Archetypes can have me for all eternity…. eventually!



An archetype can’t take over your life without your permission and cooperation. The use of archetypes is beneficial if it is a process of self-discovery from the inside out. You make use of the archetypal pattern for your own spiritual growth, it does not use you, or dominate your awareness.

Be clear about what value of consciousness you authentically are, and that is what will be expressed automatically through archetypal structures. 

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the Mother Goddess completely taking over your emotional life, but if you don’t like it, and it has become an unconscious habit, then you may need to make explicit to yourself all the ways that you are thinking and behaving so that you can make the necessary changes.  Perhaps you will need to become aware how you dress, your tone of voice and your typical verbal and body language responses to people. Ask yourself if this is the message you want to be sending to people and if not, what message do you want to send?

Once you have clarified who you are and what you intend, then your outer behavior can be brought into realignment with that.




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