July 15, 2021
Ask Deepak

Universal Awareness.


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Dear Dr. Chopra, You talk about an “ever-present universal awareness”, “collective consciousness”, “oneness of being”, etc. While I agree with you that there is indeed a unity of human consciousness, how can you take a leap and call it “universal”? Human experience is neither long enough, nor any larger than a single data point (we have been in existence on an average planet orbiting an average star for only a few million years) to be called “universal” on a cosmic scale. Why can’t we have a super-intelligent being who is manipulating the collective human consciousness over perhaps a brief span of his own lifetime? Aren’t we then just guinea pigs undergoing a laboratory experiment (or merely playthings) in the hands of a super-human, alien being? How can we then claim to know anything truly “universal” or “non-local” on a cosmic scale? Please respond. Thank you.


The state of enlightenment is a direct experience of the core consciousness that is the raw material of one’s existence. Your awareness knows it is aware, that it is present.  That is a self-evident knowledge where one’s basic existence is directly known to be the same as the basic existence of everything. That is why it is considered universal consciousness. This is the collective experience of all enlightened sages throughout the ages. Even if there were manipulating super-intelligent beings, enlightened awareness is unaffected by any manipulation. It is by definition liberated from all conditions and external influences.



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