September 12, 2018

Unhappy about God.


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I always have a hard time whenever “god” or conscious universe is brought up. I absolutely believe in the connectedness of everything, and in manifesting your desires. In fact I can feel the rightness of most things you speak about. I always get hung up when god or a plan or any religious dogma is mentioned. Why do you feel that there is an overall plan, and a directing thinking consciousness? I guess when I think of it this way it makes me feel more separate and less connected. Like there is a separate being in control of everything, when I feel more like there is a collective universal consciousness that is made up of by all of us and everything, experiencing the universe as it happens and directing our own outcomes based on our faith in our ability to connect to the source. I don’t know why but the thought of a “god” really bothers me.


You are not alone, many people have difficulty with the idea of God. Given what you have said about your comfort with the idea of a universal connectedness of everything, your issue may be about the difference between a personal or impersonal consciousness that underlies existence.  Because many people think of God in the way you described it — a universal consciousness that creates and sustains everything.

But the reality of consciousness is neither exclusively personal nor impersonal, it’s both. Even an impersonal experience of reality is a personal experience. Fully enlightened masters have affirmed both the personal and impersonal aspects of that cosmic intelligence.  If the idea of a personal God makes you feel more separate from the universe, then there clearly is something in that concept that isn’t working for you and you should feel fine with going with whatever alternative picture of reality that better fits your spiritual needs.

Regarding your question about the overall plan for creation directed by thinking consciousness—I actually don’t think of it in those terms. If we want to talk about a grand plan for creation, then it amounts to the journey through which that dormant state of consciousness becomes fully awake to itself. There is no external consciousness directing this process that is separate from yours or my consciousness, it is that one universal consciousness itself that is unfolding itself through us. We are a part of that awareness that is directing the plan as well as the awareness that is being revealed by this plan.




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