February 15, 2021
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Unconscious Connections.


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Dear Deepak, Firstly, thank You for taking the time out to answer any questions. I enjoy reading your thoughts and about the experiences of others here. Now for my question, is there some way in which we can involuntarily tap into the thoughts or feelings of those around us? I have recently entered into a rather complicated relationship with an ex-girlfriend. While we maintain what we have is a friendship, we do all the things that loving couples do, and our relationship is stronger and more loving than it has been since we first met and dated years ago. I love her dearly but realize I cannot change the way she feels about me, and she says that she will never be able to give me the relationship I want. Ironically, she is doing just that in this non-relationship. Lately, I’ve been having dreams when I stay over at her place that involve her shouting, talking or speaking rapidly at me about her confused feelings. I often wake up in the midst of these to my own rapid thoughts but find I am unable to move, as if my body is paralyzed or asleep while my mind is wide awake. I recognize that these thoughts may be because of my own confusion, but is there a chance I am somehow tapping into her thoughts when we sleep as well? The thought processes seem so unlike mine, so alien to me, that I struggle to believe they’re entirely my own. Thank you for your help.


It’s hard to say with any certainty what is causing the images and feelings during dreams, but it is possible that your close emotional connection to your ex-girlfriend could factor in to the content of your own tumultuous feelings during dreams. However, I doubt if that information can be of much use to you. Given that the confusing feelings happened to you, it makes more sense to take full responsibility for them and work on resolving them internally on your own terms.



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