September 23, 2012

Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Written by Marty Makary M.D. author of the best-selling book “Unaccountable: What hospitals won’t tell you

I started collecting the stories for “Unaccountable” as a medical student. As a medical student, medicine seemed as dangerous as it was precise. It seemed as deficient as it was miraculous. Over time, new research affirmed that much of what medicine was doing was and is excessive, and treats only part of the patient. Ultimately, I have witnessed most of the stern recommendations of western medicine reversed by strong medical research: The recommendation for all healthy people to take a daily medicine (aspirin)—reversed. The recommendation for all healthy men to have a blood test to look for prostate cancer (PSA)—reversed. The recommendation for all healthy women to have a bone scan—reversed. And the list goes on.

Decades ago, doctors blamed fat for everything from heart disease to cancer to stroke. The result was a massive shift in the western diet to very low-fat, high-sugar foods. The medical community misled the public to think that it was healthier. New research now indicates that the high-sugar diet is not only highly addictive but it has been fueling the growing obesity epidemic ( It may also be the reason why heart disease deaths have not decreased over recent decades. It became clear to me that medicine has the potential to do harm as much as it has the potential to do good.

I have long admired those who teach the healing of the soul, mind, and body. A new generation of medical students and doctors are different from the old guard of medicine. Many of them eat healthier, believe in rest, and do Yoga regularly. They think differently and they expect truth in every aspect of life. They talk to patients about what’s really bothering them, and they believe the person needs to be healed as well as their body. They are the heroes of my new book Unaccountable. If you believe that modern medicine is perfect then ignore this plea. But, if you believe modern medicine has fallen short, please share this important book with a friend or family member.

Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support for my new book “Unaccountable”. To my amazement, it has ignited a national dialog about American medicine that is badly needed.

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  1. SoulDrG

    I started my Life`s mission of spreading Health & Wellness as fitness Trainer. That led to my fascination w/anatomy and physiology which has me on my current path to med school. We can`t blame the Drs. nor "western" medicine. "Western think" as a whole is all jacked up. We think we can work as much as we want; eat as much as we want; drink/smoke/abuse our body temples as much as we want; rest as little as we want and then go to the Dr for a pill that`s going to cure us overnite. Until we, as a people, start to see long term health as something in which we need to invest time and resources in, we`re going to continue to die slow, avoidable deaths.

  2. psyaqua

    Would love to receive your newsletter


    Healthcare should include the whole person his society & world stressing, medical, mental, dental and vision; should be non-profit.

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