April 18, 2019

Trusting Inner Guidance.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How can I get happy if I can’t trust my Inner Guidance?

I’m like a hostage needing to fall in love with it’s captor if I’m going to survive, while all the while praying to be rescued.  I’m overboard emotionally and physically: depression; tiredness; exacerbated hypothyroidism from chronically getting “What I don’t want” and only recently learning the “why” of that.

I’m waking up from a life lived backwards.  Clairvoyant, clairaudient, I’ve blindly followed the advice of my Inner Guidance for as long as I can remember.  And the past 3 years, I’ve come to realize – wake up to – the fact that my Inner Guidance’s advising hasn’t been so loving. In fact, the “unhappy” I have in my life is because of having followed the advice of my Inner Guidance.

A few weeks ago, when I metaphorically inherited Unhappy and Bitter’s house, I realized  I HATE my Inner Guidance.  I realize we’re not playing on the same team and that I’ve been foolish to trust it, believe it.  And it confirmed that that is so. It went on to say it doesn’t respect me … that it would have been braver for me to have died in childhood than have survived through becoming a people pleaser.    Harsh!

Is Spirit this harsh to all clairvoyant/clairaudient’s wishing conscious contact? Do you know why I have such a mean, unloving Inner Guidance?

At the end of my rope (almost too literally) I want peace.  I pray for peace.  What I get is Inner Guidance’s acknowledgement of my making the wrong mental choices, or complex emotions to untangle myself from, or lies or false futuristic prophecies to ignore the fear of.

My people pleaser-ness in desperation, has tried to make peace with Inner Guidance, but honestly, what kind of peace can be had where there’s no trust?  So accepting I no longer trust my Inner Guidance has been a hard acceptance to come to.  And of course, Inner Guidance, hearing my everything, just dishes up more fear for me to find myself clear of. I dig myself out of Unhappy and Bitter, and IG drudges more.  And it’s happening more and more.  I feel emotionally controlled, dumped on, by Inner Guidance.   The weeping, grief, and crying jags go on for days, and take me back to childhood and my shock and unfathomability at what appears to be my intrinsic inappropriateness.

I don’t know how much longer I can endure this kind of “spiritual” treatment.  My grip on reality is waning in my confusion and cluelessness about what is happening to me and why.  Inner Guidance says I’m doing the Great Work.  Even gave me a bouquet of red and gold tulips in a meditation a few weeks ago.  But I can’t tell the truth from the lies any longer.

In a recent meditation. Inner Guidance sent me a dolphin.  I pet the heart-sick dolphin which spoke in an old old language I didn’t understand.  And when I said I don’t understand you it said in PERFECT English, “Don’t worry.  Be Happy.”

Abraham-Hicks say it takes a happy road to make a happy end. I want more than words can say to take this loosing hand of a life (having inherited Unhappy and Bitter’s house) and make it win.  I see now how the deck has been so stacked against me from the very beginning by Spirit having used my Inner Guidance to create mayhem in my life against my trying to be “good.”

Each day, I get up determined to “BE happy” but succumb to the futility of that when I feel Inner Guidance laughing at me.   I try to hold onto appreciating the present moment like your book THE WAY OF THE WIZARD says.  As it turns out, the present moment is the only place I feel safe these days.  But it takes a force of Will for me to stay there.  Given I’m so tired, I’m hit and miss.  And there’s Inner Guidance’s quick acknowledgement that I’m creating “MORE of what I don’ want.”

God is love.  I’m love and I do the best to be the love that I am.  If I could do better I would. As I live at the edge of the world in the Japanese countryside, in isolation and rejection, fearing what my Inner Guidance is going to do next to me, has become more than I can bear.   I pray for help. 

I probably haven’t learned the lesson that my Inner Guidance thought it was teaching.    I’ve learned that although I don’t have the  GREAT power and ALL KNOWINGNESS It does, in the least, I’m kind and allow others to be as they are, even when it’s to my detriment.

Know that I know you’re a very busy man and that  I’m grateful and appreciative of whatever  feedback/encouragement/advice you have to offer.


To begin with, what you are calling Inner Guidance is not your higher self or silent witness, it is not your inner wizard. What you have described is an aspect of your ego’s critical nature that you have spiritually idealized. That part of you is not your true self, it is not loving, compassionate, empowering, or even wise. There is no advantage in being psychically sensitive to such guidance.

The best thing you can do for yourself is become independent of the nonsense you call inner guidance. Because its sole message seems to be that you are a victim. Your letter suggests you are living in an unreal world of dramatic metaphors of what God and others are doing to mislead you and make your life miserable. It’s not like that. The sooner you drop that whole story the better off you will be.

 Your letter does not mention any people in your life—family, friends, lovers – nor have you talked about your work or any responsibilities you have. You should be able to cut through all your existential angst simply by immersing yourself into real human contact and interaction. Engage in physical, earthy activities that make a difference in people’s lives. Take up gardening, cook for the elderly, teach piano lessons at a community center—do something from your heart that connects to other hearts. That will reveal God’s plan for you better than all the visions or voices you have had.



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  1. Jumar Moore

    This 'inner guidance' critic is just showing you what you don't like so that you can identify something that will make your heart sing a joyful song. That's what you want, joy, Joy and more JOY!

  2. Jumar Moore

    This 'inner guidance' critic is just showing you what you don't like so that you can identify something that will make your heart sing a joyful song. That's what you want, joy, Joy and more JOY!

  3. Alena Adamkova

    I like your comment in some video (with questions).. You said that ego (our ego) cant get rid of the ego (our ego).....Its interesting idea.. I was thinking that therefore ego (of masses, of citizens) cant get rid of selfish Presidents and selfish politicians, selfish bosses, who are driven by their ego......Their ego provocates our ego, our ego provocates their ego....so it is like playing thetenis, back and forth.....Somebody has to be non-judgmental and unselfish.

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