May 15, 2020



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Trust… I can’t find it, even with God. I get so far and then doubt whispers in my ear and before you know it I pull back.

Where do I begin?



If trust remains only an emotion or mental construct, it is susceptible to doubts, and changing states of mind. Just as finding true forgiveness lies in forgiving and accepting all aspects of yourself, so also real trust begins with finding trust deep within your consciousness. Self-trust begins with the experience of the Higher Self. Going beyond a superficial level of trust requires a level of experience that overcomes the duality between you and what you are trusting. This is especially true in the case of God. Ultimately, trust in something or someone must rest in a knowingness that the other thing is nothing other than your own deepest existence. Only this level of trust is beyond doubt and change.



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