December 27, 2021
Ask Deepak

True Self.


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Hi Deepak. I have been thinking a lot about ‘my core self’ or ‘true self’ recently. Who is the me that dreams when I am asleep? And is the me that dreams when I sleep the self that continues after death? Is the me that dreams my true self?


The presence of consciousness that is there when you dream, is the same consciousness that is there when you are asleep and awake. But it is not your core self that is dreaming, nor does the core self think when you are awake. Those are mental activities associated with the conditioned and personal self. That core self is the background unconditioned awareness that is always present whether we are fully conscious of it yet or not. That is your true self that persists regardless of whether you are awake, asleep or dreaming; whether you are embodied or not.



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