July 18, 2012

True Destiny.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 My entire life I have been searching for my "true destiny" and trying hard to find what I'm meant to do in this life. I have gotten good jobs, and have been steadily moving along in my career, but I am not happy. Part of me wants to travel the world, truly live, meet people and learn about cultures and the world, and to get more in touch with my spiritual side, but I fear leaving my family, am concerned about money, and am afraid I will return to no home, no job, etc. I feel in my heart that travel is what I should do- for a period of time, but I can't find it in myself to make the leap. How can I find the courage to grow if I can't bring myself to rise to the challenge?


Finding your true destiny has to emerge from a realization of your core self – who you are and what really matters to you. Your thoughts of traveling, learning and growing spiritually, bring up fears of separation from family and loss of income. This tells me that you see spiritual growth and learning in opposition to your career and family closeness. Traveling around the world is certainly expensive and will take you away from your family, but that is simply a financial decision. You either can afford the time off, or you can’t yet. But learning and spiritual development do not require you to be away from your family, nor does it need to cost you money or your job. So look more deeply into your underlying beliefs and see if there is a way to develop in the ways that are meaningful to you, where you are right now.


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  1. Canadian Girl

    Sheki- you answered your own questions...you stated your eating is not balanced and you get aggravated at others because they say you look healthy when you do not feel so......but is it possible you are aggravated at yourself because you are looking to other`s to find balance? you must find your food balance and notice how you will feel...then you will appreciate how you look.......you will have energy and sleep properly and your mind will be calm. Cut out the sugar..it`s very bad and causes unrestful sleeps. you can do it, if you choose. the answer is in the question. love.

  2. Canadian Girl

    thank you for your question (true destiny) and thank you for your answer Deepak! I too received the answers from within, from reading this one. I too had those thoughts of the get up and go and I can tell you there are people who just do it. They get a work Visa or travel and go to a destination....meet people, work or not and go from there. They have a sort of plan and then see how it goes....plans change. Keep an open mind and set yourself up financially and or a job to the first destination. You may choose to ask yourself what are you running from? Finding yourself is easy, look in the mirror and there you are. If you are looking for the answers within you must quiet yourself and ask the questions... who am i? what do i want? (these are from Deepak I learned) You can practice spirituality in your home now and or you can go online and look for spiritual retreats. I believe Deepak hosts them, at least he used to. We are all looking to find out who we are. I`ve learned and this might be way out there for some, that our life here on earth is predestined...but us. We chose to come here, in this body to this familiy, country and surroundings. We are here to find out who we are and then we will understand why we chose this path as the path unfolds...we are given Free Will to assist us in the decision making process. I find this is also stated in the movie The Matrix...which was intersting to see AFTER finding out the similar learning of our existence. Yet we do not know exactly why....but we can find out by continuing to ask the questions. :)

  3. Jackie Ware Farrar

    ten chopra comments in a row is a bit much.

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