October 20, 2018

Tridosha Balance.


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As a tri dosha person is there anything I can find out about how to stay in balance?
I cannot find any information anywhere.


If you are a true tridosha constitution, or samadosha, that means you have all three doshas–vata, pitta and kapha in equal measure. The great thing about samadosha is that your doshas are naturally in a state of balance, so it’s relatively easy to stay healthy. That is why there isn’t much information about it.

 Focus on eating fresh, healthy foods, taking moderate exercise, maintaining a creative outlet for your mind, and fostering loving relationships and you should be fine. The downside of being samadosha is that once you are seriously out of balance, the therapy to regain balance is a bit trickier than for those of with a dominant dosha type. Still all in all samadosha is a great Ayurvedic constitution to have.



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