February 11, 2013

Trapping Mice.


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I have great respect for all live – I will not even swat a fly. The problem is I have mice in my home, I've tried humane traps and they are ineffective. I've also tried 'talking' to the mice, but they still won't budge. I have two small children and cannot have mice running around my house! So It appears I have no option but to set traps that kill. How do I reconcile this? Any thoughts?


This is easy. Get some traps that capture them alive and then take them out in the country to see them free.


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  1. rascal

    in the same situation, my father says ... "the rat is dangerous for humans,they may eat away the crops, you need to kill them". for cockroaches in the kitchen..."they will cause disease for you, you have to feed them some poison else they will cause disease & death to you" seems right to me in the second opinion at least...we all will by our own try to save ourselves from getting hurt in any situation. don`t know more than what deepak does..he can explain better.

  2. Teacher4U

    ha make sure you dont leave them in those containers for long, because the moister will build up and get the mice all wet and hard for them to breath. i had to dry them off before i release them in the cold in the country. also the stick traps dont work ha/mice paw tracks

  3. micetrap

    put them closest to the walls. The mices stay in safe places so they unlikely run through the room. It works perfect. The only trouble is to get it out of the trap again....

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