September 17, 2017

Transmuting Fear.


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I’ve read a few spiritual books which discuss ‘transmutation of fears’ – specifically, that by releasing your fears to the heavens they undergo transmutation.  Do the ancient text/practices support the idea that fears can be ‘changed’ by taking them to a higher level?  And if so, what does it mean to be undergo this ‘transmutation’ – do they become a ‘good’ intent or do the fears just become no more? Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated…Thank you and may brilliance continue to shine on all you do.


The ancient wisdom traditions speak of fear being born out of the perception of duality. That duality gives rise to the misperception that the object of experience is separate from the observer, and therefore something to be feared. The freedom from fear comes from the experience of the truth of unity at the root of our consciousness. In that experience of non-local awareness, that fear is dissolved. Just as a dark shadow at night brings fear it might be an attacker, that fear fades when passing headlights reveal it to be a harmless object.

Through constant experience of our true self, we en-lighten all the fearsome shadows of our psyche and let go them, or perhaps they let go of us.



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