September 14, 2022
Ask Deepak

Transcending Karma.


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I’ve heard you state several times that one has the power to change one’s own karma by, “going beyond it” through meditation, though I’ve never heard you elaborate on what that means and how it happens. How does simply experiencing the non-local self accomplish this? Does karma actually change, or does the negative stuff just dissolve so that all that’s left is whatever goodness your past has accrued? What are the actual mechanics of what happens?


Going beyond karma means our sense of self is no longer defined by our thoughts and actions—our ego self. The idea of transcending karma through meditation is that by experiencing your non-local self, you identify, or know your real self as unlimited pure awareness and thereby become detached from actions you were previously identified with. So you don’t change external action the karma itself, but you change your relationship or connection to it by realizing your true self.

 Your karma is associated with you by your identification with the ego mind that authored the action. When through meditation you come to know your real self, then you transcend all the karma associated with your false self. It’s kind of like quitting a club or organization. Once you make the switch you no longer are subject to the obligations and restrictions your awareness was limited by when you were a member of the group.



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