July 3, 2012

To Vacation or Not to Vacation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am currently on "vacation" from work but trying to make a decision on whether to take the family somewhere on a well-deserved time off (especially mom) or really take a good look at our finances and not take a trip at all. I guess my question is, what causes more stress? The not taking real time off or the dealing with the financial strain when you come back?


It’s not a given that either one is necessarily more stressful. It really comes down to knowing yourself well enough to determine how you cope with these issues. I assume when you give the option “take a good look at our finances and not take a trip at all” you are saying that in looking at your finances you will obviously discover that you cannot comfortably afford to take a trip, and therefore you won’t. The option of taking the family for a vacation then implies it may be carefree and fun for the others, but not for you and possibly your wife if you are worried about every vacation expense and fretting about how you will pay for it later. Neither option sounds that appealing, and you also need to consider that if you are stressed about the money being spent on the vacation, your family members will usually pick up on your anxiety too. A compromise might be to choose a more modest vacation – something that will not be so much of a financial burden that it stresses you out on the trip. That way you still give everyone a break without breaking the bank.


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  1. Donna Scribner

    Both, so do neither and take a vacation from your thoughts and meditate. ;-)

  2. Second Firsts

    I love this- I know that Second Firsts thousands of followers would really appreciate your page!

  3. Sarah D

    Hi Deepak and everyone interesting question. Was chatting to a lovely lady who rang me today from your Chopra Centre regarding the courses on offer. Lisa - what a lovely lady, left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Anyway, I am pretty rubbish when it comes to money, to be honest. As long as I have food, a roof over our heads and books and music, I am quite happy. I am working out my strategy to get together the funds to attend one of the Centre`s courses, not sure which one yet. I am not stressing, though. If I am meant to attend, then things won`t be difficult. Its all about priority, really. Money is just a tool to live a comfortable life, IMHO. And apart from my little boy, my personal priority is to be happy, and to learn, grow and benefit others through experience. That`s my now priority. Just find the happy medium. Money is a tool, not a prison. But we all have to live with our limitations til we accept our need to expand our attitudes towards the material world, so that abundance is not a sin. The universe is generous if the intention is positive.

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