February 11, 2014

To Do Lists.


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Dr. Chopra, you mention "you do not need to have a complete rigid idea of what you do next week or next year" as this is a form of attachment. How then, would you suggest, to take on the idea of to-do lists? Doing things that need to get done in the near future without detachment? Along the same lines isn't planning for a projects, such as a personal budget, or events that need to be done throughout the year at work, a form of attachment as well?


Lists are tools, and for some people they are useful in efficiently using time to accomplish tasks. For others, lists can be used to psychologically burden us with unrealistic or overly rigid goals that then make us less efficient and flexible. The key is to use the to do list in an easy, non-attached way.


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  1. Mist6

    To Rajiv: Some people are either not able to open themselves up to the idea of a person having the tools to manifest, some have not experienced results they desire and therefore believe that the practice is a hoax, and others are just so angry within themselves that they cannot help but to deflect it towards anything or anyone that happens across their paths. It is just the way things are for them, and the way things are in life, period. It doesn`t mean that a person is right or wrong, it is just a reflection of their own state of mind and life. To the original poster: Lists are wonderful tools that can allow us to assess our desires, needs, and responsibilities. I am one of those people that needs a list for everything, otherwise I get so caught up in a single task that I forget, or don`t complete another important part of my project. Some of my lists allow me to plan ahead for events yet to come, and short/term goals. By breaking down my bigger goals into little steps, I am able to achieve them more efficiently- OR, I am able to see how they are not actually a fit for what I want to accomplish. For example: I made a list that would allow me to buy a house in a particular city. Come to find out, I was not meant to stay in that city. Because I wasn`t attached to the outcome, I have been able to set myself up to buy a house, but in the city I am residing in now. Lists from the past also help me assess where I have been in my life at different times. My beginning of the year list from 2013 has allowed me to see my own growth throughout last year, and areas I need to work on for 2014. For others, lists can make tasks and goals look impossible. The key is to start small, and celebrate every baby-step taken towards that goal. Gratitude for small successes will attract bigger successes. Stay grateful, and be open to change.

  2. Vladimir Sutinovski

    Absolutely agree. I have found that whenever a rigid plan is made, we could potentially miss out on important synchronicity. Love and gratitude. Vlad :)

  3. H Abdullah Maulani


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