August 18, 2021
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Tired of Life.


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Hello Deepak. I feel this sadness in my soul. Not only in my body. I look at life and people and somehow I want to escape this prison caught in this body, in this place, and in this time. I feel there is nothing new for me in store. I feel everything is old on earth and I have been through it all for thousands of thousands of years, somehow I am also bored. I go along with life, but I feel it is the same old song, even when something new and exciting happens. I do feel joy, but somehow I feel it is a game I have played too long. and I am 25. Life is long. What to do?? I would be happy for any thoughts. Thanks.


This is a question or a comment that I am seeing quite often these days from people of all ages from all parts of the world. It’s not really depression, it’s a kind of world-weariness that is not only fed up with the violence and suffering all around, but even the joy and sweetness of life feel faded and tasteless.  It may not feel like this is a positive or spiritual development in one’s life, but if one can look deep within, it can offer an opportunity to make a major shift in one’s core identity away from the external world, to the inner realm of one’s pure consciousness.  It can feel very unsettling and disorienting as the attachments and passions of one’s old familiar life come untethered and you start to feel you are watching your life as a spectator and not really enjoying the way this play is written or acted. It’s an odd feeling as the interior landscape of one’s self-identity is rearranged.  But once you know what’s going on, and that it is a temporary phase until the new you comes online, it is much easier to bear. The main thing is not to literally believe that the detachment you feel means that you need to leave your body, or the world and others around you. That sense of feeling apart and aloof is a by-product of the spiritual transformations in consciousness that you have set in motion, it is not a message telling you that life is boring or that life is over…quite the opposite.

There is a part of you that now sees life as a game, that means that your silent witness self observes all the drama of your life from a perspective unmoved and apart from that drama. That is your real self. And part of your current drama or game is this notion that life on earth is the same worn-out story, that it’s a prison. Use the vantage of your higher self to see this story of being sentenced to a long boring life in prison as just another dramatic story of your old self that you no longer buy into or identify with. Right now the focus of your life needs to center on just Being. Be that silent witness that notices all these stories about your life without judgment and without getting sucked into them. Over time as this core spiritual self becomes firmly established, it reengages with the emotional currents of your life – lovers, family, career – so that you feel passion and enthusiasm once more. But now this passion is connected to your spiritual center and you can never lose yourself as you throw yourself into love, work, or life itself. That is when the real fun starts.



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