May 6, 2013

Tired and Hopeless at 22.


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I am 22 years old and I have come to a point in my life where I feel tired of the world. I feel as though there is nothing but pain and suffering out there, both for me and for others. I see people wear masks and live by society's norms, materialism and arrogance and selfishness, anger without restraint and being willing to do anything to get ahead and it gives me no hope. It is a world that I would not like to bring children into and it is a world where I do not trust other people. But that makes me very lonely, and very sad. I watch the way people work and I often find myself thinking 'why?', 'what is the point of this?' I have always felt deeply misunderstood and that also brings me a terrible loneliness. I just don't desire what other people desire. I try my hand at progressing myself, my career, and I study and I work hard but nothing holds any interest or real value for me anymore. I crave to know peace and simplicity and happiness and tranquility around me, that is all. Please help me before the world beats me.


Begin by understanding that when we look out and evaluate the world, we are actually describing our feelings about ourselves, not the world. Happy people look out and see a beautiful, hopeful world. Ambitious and idealistic people see plenty of reasons to do things. The world is as we are.

Look at your view of the world as an indication that you need to find a more sustainable and useful way of perceiving yourself and life, not as a true indicator of what life really is. A good place to start is a meditation practice that will get you in touch with your core self that underlies your perceptual filter.


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  1. motoko

    There are good people out there who care about the world peace and harmony. Stanford University has a department dedicated on altruism and offers classes to the public. There is annual conference in SF called Wisdom 2.0. People gather to figure out how to make a world better place via technology & through meditation. It was total kindness and altruistic event. I feel the same way as you sometimes. But I try to connect these considerate people.

  2. Mohammed Ajlan

    Yes indeed, the world is what you believe it is. Its nothing but your inside reflection. If you happy you will find beauty all around you, even in the pieces of tinny rocks on the peach. I suggest dear to start to find beauty and things make you happy within, search inside and search very deep. Pray and talk to God by talking to your self. Spend some time to discover yourself and try new things. You are young so lots of new beautiful gardens there waiting for you to visit. And remimber, the moment you feel its over is the closest moment to truth. God bless.

  3. Pats

    I am 51 , just not long ago , got a film of reality , don`t feel alive , that`s why I divorced because I put all my youth energy into my family that ended up shitting on me! Because I was to nice! I think , and know

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