September 20, 2014

Tingling Third Eye.


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Hi Deepak,
thank you for taking the time to read and answer your follower's questions. When I meditate, I get a very strong tingling sensation on and around my third eye. As a beginner, I am often so distracted by this sensation that I am forced to stop. However, this sensation doesn't only occur when I mediate, it sometimes happens during the day as I am going about my business; often times occurring when I'm around other people. Is there a meaning or a message behind this sensation?
Many thanks


This experience in or out of meditation is often associated with the early activation of the sixth chakra or the energy center connected to intuition and spiritual insight. But don’t let your attention get distracted or stuck on the sensation or wondering what it’s about. Simply return your mind back to your meditation. When it happens outside meditation, just go back to what you were doing beforehand. Whatever needs to happen from the experience will happen most effectively if your mind is not interfering with the process with expectation or analysis.


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  1. Mitchell918127

    I find this happens to me whenever I think about it. Almost like flexing a muscle. I can open and close it at will. I don`t meditate as much as I should, so I am curious why I have this ability so fine tuned (so it seems..) already?

  2. roses

    This is exactly what happens to me...but it is only while I am meditating...and I already witnessed bliss

  3. Sudha Sagar

    when there is a blockage for example in finance how do we mediate on that particular chakra , please guide me .

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