January 12, 2012

Time of Death.


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Hi Deepak, I am truly a tremendous fan of yours! My question which I already asked you several years ago and would still love to hear the answer is: Can we determine our time of death or is it already predetermined. According to David Hawkin's interpretation is that we cannot change our time of death because it is already set and no matter what you do cannot change this. I personally feel we can because we can change our Karma through awareness which will influence our next Karmic episode.


The ancient sages of India would say that we set our own time of our death, that is to say the intelligence of our soul determines our lifespan when it organizes the karmic layout of a birth. Still, the enlightened will agree with you that since karma is changeable from the deepest levels of consciousness, it is possible to modify the contract if you know how to do it. But even on the more mundane level of willpower and in exigent circumstances there can be a certain amount of wiggle room in the actual time of death.

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  1. april

    my mother passed a week ago. at 58. there were things she should have been doing for her copd and didnt. Would it have mattered? is death predetermined?

  2. Thomas Vanlaarhoven

    Thank you Deepak for your insight to my question.. I guess the question now is how do we change our contract with death.. If we stop doing a harmful addiction like smoking doesn`t that have Karmic effect and can change our time of death, etc. Thank you again, Thomas

  3. RAZ

    I hear all of you and agree to each person based on my awareness level equaled. In other words, the answer to this question is delivered and understood only at the level of which you can understand. The Soul is on your side! The Soul IS your side at it`s highest level. There is no need to worry about the time of anyone`s death. Death is just another door into another experience. It is the SAME door you entered this life in. Let go of the attention that is a waste of your time - no pun intended but a focus is intended! YOU are in LIFE now. You will be in DEATH later. FOCUS on NOW! Thanks for reading.

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