January 21, 2013

Thoughts on Creativity.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

When we look at the lives of great creative souls – we find that they feel themselves to be hooked up to, guided, incarnated by or allied by a power that is beyond or deep within themselves. This power is felt as an inner spirit, a vision, an inward voice,an invisible life's companion, and can be formidable motivation for a quest for truth. There is a mystery here that verges on the paranormal, and shakes hands with the infinite.

The people of the break through, the ones who change our perception of reality because of the power of their own unique perceptions differ from most of us, I believe, largely in degree not in kind.We all have something of the same capacities that they have but theirs is taken to a degree of development that most of us consider more mythic than real. We all have capacities for vision, for motivation, for absorption, for courage, for facing constant defeat, for stick-to-it-ness, but most of the time we have it with one of these qualities singularly, rarely together. With the highly creative person as with the social artist, it is their degree of vision joined to talent joined to motivation, joined to absorption in the quest, joined to formidable courage in the midst of the bleakest and most disempowering circumstance, joined to a leaping at opportunity when it comes by, a sense of their own kairos and a willingness to go the distance with it–this is what makes for brilliance, for radical creativity, for formidable social artistry and yes, even,
sometimes, for genius. It also means that they and you move out of mere humanity and into myth.

Genius is tied up with genesis, with generation, with creation in it's finest form. Genius may even mimic Creation, may be the micro lens of the Creator entering into human experience for a while.

It is never solitary, cut off, or insular though it may appear to others to be just that. It is resonant with stores of information felt as personal. It is love in its most emphatic aspect, passion in its most blatant form. Above all it is the dissolution of the membranes of the local self and absorption, communion, identity even with Reality itself. It is this capacity for communion that is the greatest of all hidden talents, the ability to be changed by the process of deep perception, contemplation into the nature of things.  

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  1. Athena

    I am a very positive, glass is half full type of person, always hoping for the best and most loving way to live and perceive, for all. As I read these words, I also think of how evil villans can also have this power, this creative genius and it is very very scarey!

  2. SynchronEssence

    Beautifully stated. May we all learn to tap into our creative energy in an effort to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness.

  3. Enver Halilovic


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