September 20, 2012



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 Hi Deepak, Can one ever come to realize thoughtlessness? Isn't it a thought in itself to know that you are thoughtless? Thanks.


 Realizing thoughtlessness is different from thinking about thoughtlessness. The state of absolute Being is beyond thought, so any thought about it will necessarily not be thoughtlessness. But pure awareness, or Being, is by nature conscious and can know itself independent of thought. Self-realization is an unmediated experience, so thoughtlessness is a state of knowingness without thought.


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  1. Sid

    Thanks Deepak for you response. :)

  2. Linbaby123

    It`s like how someone could become One with whatever they are doing. For example : playing an instrument when you realize that Oneness. You and the keyboards are One... Makes playing it much easier too...more relaxing. Or realizing that you and your skies are one. Baby steps brings you to the Ultimate Oneness!

  3. Mike Wallace

    amen brother

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