December 13, 2014

Third Eye Sensation.


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Hi Deepak
First of all,, I am grateful to you for being my guide through your books and guided meditations. I have been following and doing meditation for around 3 years…..Like everyone else I didn't face any inner drift through meditation but of course meditation practice has healed me a lot physically and improved my patience and I could say it has totally reduced my anger. But recently when I close my eyes to meditate I feel a strong sensation in my third eye…I couldn't judge it as either positive or negative but as soon as the sensation begins I feel strong push to stay there and get more relaxation. Usually I will struggle to place my attention in my heart while meditating but this sensation in my third eye begins as soon as I close my eyes. Sometimes during the day also that sensation remains for a while. I am not sure whether I have to focus on my third eye more or it’s just a release of stress. I don't know whether it has any significance. Can you please share your opinion about this!?
Thank you.


This is a positive experience and it suggests both a purification process in that energy center as well as an activation of its potential. You don’t need to focus your attention there, the process is guided intelligently from your higher self and whatever needs to unfold will naturally occur as it needs to.


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