August 4, 2012

The World Of Objects.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Our eyes sense photons, our neural networks electrochemistry, but our consciousness creates the world of objects.

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  1. Bharati Patankar

    So true, to live is to turn on and off the observer switch!

  2. Dante Alejandro Colombo

    I'm sorry Choopra, pero jamás nuestros ojos podrían percibir a un fotón. Repasar Teoría Corpuscular y Teoría Ondulatoria. En nuestra consciencia se generan imágenes subjetivas al percibir las ondas electromagnéticas reflejadas por la energía que conforma a los objetos. Las imágenes se forman en nuestra consciencia y nosotros "creemos" que son externas, y así se las atribuimos a los objetos, pero los objetos tal como creemos verlos sólo existen en nosotros. La energía que los conforma es invisible a la vista.

  3. Monique Welin

    My thoughts are this. What makes me unique is my ability to think, to wonder and to react with my own emotion. a photon is about a quantum of light, so the fact that makes sense to me, also makes me unique. You can't ask a gorilla anything, so really it is left up to me to interpret what I see...but see there are things called universals. I see the light of the bolt and so do you, our consciousness see it at different times or the same time, but we see we communicate about what it is we see...then it becomes what we can all agree on. A ball is a ball is a ball, but it is also a circle? Am I way off base?

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