March 6, 2018

The Thinker and the Thought.


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J. Krishnamurti taught that the thinker and the thought are the same but you seem to stress that you are not your thoughts can you expand on this seemingly disagreement?


It’s only a semantic difference, for the sake of making separate points but the underlying message in both cases is the same. When the mind lacks self-awareness, then the thought process, the thinker, is indistinguishable from the thoughts. There is no functioning separate thinker apart from the bundle of conditioned responses. When I speak of the silent witness or observer inside that notices thoughts and feelings, but is not defined by those thoughts, that is a more spiritually mature Self. This stage I would equate with Krishnamurti’s teaching that the “the highest form of human intelligence is to be aware of our own thoughts.”

As consciousness progresses to the highest state of enlightenment, unity consciousness, all thoughts, feelings and perceptions are then seen as manifestations of one’s Self. So the thinker is again united with thoughts, but now it is with full awareness, integrity and self-knowledge.  

I believe Krishnamurti suggests this kind of unity where he writes, “When there is a division between the observer and the observed there is conflict but when the observer is the observed there is no control, no suppression. The self comes to an end. Duality comes to an end. Conflict comes to an end. This is the greatest meditation to come upon this extraordinary thing for the mind to discover for itself the observer is the observed.”



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