February 28, 2018

The Talking Universe.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I was in India, (New Delhi) on an official trip in November 2007.   I got confined in a hotel room for two days because I was not feeling well, when I suddenly got overwhelmed with sadness, and tears just started to pour down my cheeks, asking myself ‘WHO AM I AND WHAT AM I DOING HERE (ON EARTH)?   Was it just a coincidence that this happened while I was in India (far away from my own home and country) or did I pick up on strong spiritual energies associated with the country?


Since then, the Universe has been leading me in the right direction and now I am here, writing to you.  I had a dream the previous night.  In my dream, there was an incoming message alert on my mobile and I picked up the phone to read the message.  It read: “BE FREE TO SEEK ANYTHING YOU WANT”.  There was no number nor name to indicate where the message was from.  I woke up immediately with the message still vivid on my mind and reached for my mobile.  There was no new message on it.  Could it have been the Universe talking to me?


The universe is always talking to us, we only need to listen. The message you saw in your dream, to be free to seek anything you want, is a beautiful message for you to follow.

As to your episode of sadness and tears in India, it’s hard to say what was the major factor there, but people are certainly capable of such an experience anywhere on earth. When we go deep into our emotional core and find our essential human compassion, we will also tap into the vast experience of human suffering.




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