March 25, 2022
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The Power of Intention.


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Dear Deepak, I have a question regarding the use of the power of intention. Specifically about the different levels we can have intentions on. What is your view on the best way to focus so we can attain the best results? For instance: my highest intention is to be an example of the evolution of consciousness. I want to self-actualise and assist others in attaining the same so we can all contribute to the evolution of consciousness. On a more mundane level I would like to be a balanced mum and have a harmonious and happy family life with my husband and three sons. I would like to live in a big villa surrounded by beech trees, etc. My question is: would it be the best to focus on my highest intention since that is most likely to be in congruence with nonlocal reality? And can I assume that the rest will follow without my conscious attention? Or is it actually better to make a long list with high-level intentions and lower-level ones? The question behind this question is: aren’t the more mundane intentions ones that can weaken the higher ones because they come forth of our local mind and therefore miss the bigger picture? I hope you can find the time to answer me. Thank you very much.


Given that the first intention you mentioned was to be an example of spiritual evolution for all, I think that is your natural starting place. From there everything else will fall into its proper place. It’s similar to what Jesus said: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.” Once you set that high goal of enlightenment for yourself, then you can let Nature organize all the details of what it takes to get there without you trying to micromanage with a long list of minor intentions that you think might be in your best spiritual interests.



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