November 4, 2017

The Mirror of Relationships.


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My question is I heard you express that all relationships are a mirror of the self. I’m not too clear on what this means in particular regarding romantic love, could you please expand on this concept?
If a romantic relationship ‘goes south’, is this because subconsciously I wanted it to?
Thank you so much, your help and clarity is greatly appreciated.


The idea of the mirror of relationships is that we subconsciously seek out in others that which we need to experience and understand in ourselves in order to find wholeness, balance, and healing.  The one opposite us in the relationship is a mirror through which we can see what it is we need to work on. That is the reason why from a spiritual point of view, it is useless to try to change others behavior as a basis for your own happiness. It’s like the futility of trying to change your image in the mirror by trying to modify the image in the mirror or by changing the mirror.

The more we can see others as love and not as their behavior, the easier it is to not get defensive and take things too personally. That allows us to really listen, learn, and grow from all our relationships and thereby develop a deeper foundation of love and connection to others.

A relationship can go south for many, many reasons. It might be because of a subconscious desire to end it, or it might be because the relationship has already served the purpose it was intended for, and now both of you are ready for something more.



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