June 28, 2014

The Field of Pure Potentiality.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Where is the Field of Potentiality? Is it in the cosmos? Is it in the microtubules? Where is its location? Thank you for your wisdom, time, and energy you have given to humanity.


The Field of Pure Potentiality is the nonlocal ground of all existence. So it is not in any one location, it is everywhere – it is in microtubules, and subatomic particles – it is the basis of the cosmos itself. It is the foundation of our own existence as well, therefore our core consciousness is that universal field of pure potentiality.


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  1. Ceepak Dhopra

    Ive never read so much waffly BS in my life

  2. Earth Girl

    I am exploring the field of pure potentiality in the sequel to my novel, I Call Myself Earth Girl. Just writing about it, even in fiction, seems to open me to experiencing it.

  3. Vinay Choytun

    Sorry it doesn't make sense, because you are assuming there is a soul. While the working of the brain can be tested and studied, how do you test the presence of a soul?....

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