May 7, 2013

The Conscious Lifestyle: Can a Leader Make His Own Luck?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

The entire field of business and government has been studied and analyzed to the point that both look like rational enterprises – if you are judging by academic programs. In reality, if you ask CEOs how they got where they are, the most common answer is "luck."

Looking back on their careers, they see – and often marvel – that they were at the right place at the right time. Luck implies randomness, if you are being mathematical, which means that success could just be random, too.

But looking at success from the viewpoint of consciousness, there's an alternative to luck: synchronicity. A dry definition of synchronicity is "meaningful coincidence" – for example, you think of an old friend you haven't seen in years, and the next minute that friend calls you on the phone. We've all experienced such moments, but they rarely change our lives or how we think of the world.

Yet if you take the conscious lifestyle seriously, there are attributes of leaders that can be explained no other way. For example, there are success stories where someone rose to the top, and they say of him (or her)
He made his own luck.

The waters opened before him.

Nothing could stop him.

He knew he would get to the top his first day on the job.

He led a charmed life.

A kind of exceptionalism is being admired – and envied – that everyone would like to share in. There are other general expressions about "making your dream come true," "making your own luck," and "fulfilling your destiny" that are used to motivate people, with good reason. Although synchronicity isn't taught in academic programs on leadership.

Synchronicity isn't irrational or accidental. In fact, it is rooted in the most common skill needed by a leader: Making an intention turn into a result. Let's say that you are working with a team on the solution to a problem. Your intention is to solve it. The result you want is an answer. How do you get there? The usual answer is teamwork and a lot of sweat. Orders are given; various possible answers are explored. But unless the solution is cut-and-dried, busy work won't get you where you want to go.

The magic key is creativity, and creativity – which comes out of the blue and often strikes at just the right moment – is synchronous. It delivers answers without the linkage of cause and effect. Synchronicity operates at a deeper level of consciousness than reason. It isn't accidental, any more than a great painting is. Relying on your creativity is the first and strongest way to "make your own luck."

Creativity has become such a clichéd term that it means almost nothing anymore. In this case, however, it means that every question is organized in consciousness to have an answer. Being confident of this is another strong attribute of leadership.

When teaching executives about the soul of leadership, I know they will at first be startled when synchronicity comes up, until they compare notes and find out how important it has been in their own careers. This is a mysterious ingredient from the unconscious that all great leaders harness. Synchronicity is the ability to create good luck and find invisible support that carries a leader beyond predicted outcomes to a higher plane. In spiritual terms, synchronicity is the ultimate ability to connect any need with an answer from the soul.

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  1. eternal

    In my opinion, a leader is one who thinks his or herself to be. I think of the law of attraction and as we learn such spiritual laws and humble ourselves enough to examine our inner motive and purposely align with higher energy motives, we can experience more often syncronicity.

  2. Laura Berger

    As I read this post I thought of my uncle David. He used to say "wow, you are always stepping in sh&t." His comments put a smile on everyone`s face. Rest in peace uncle David. The truth is that it is the ability to create good luck that brings luck. Creating good luck takes action. "Finding invisible support that carries a leader beyond predicted outcomes to a higher plane" lies in a leader`s intrinsic motivations. The ability to identify intrinsic motivators is a reoccurring challenge leaders face. Leaders that take the necessary action to create luck and dive beyond the surface into "what makes them tick" will be empowered by synchronicity.

  3. Thomas Wakefield

    A great point here is so close! The nail, as it were, is set well and then not hit on the head. And whoops, could you have chosen a worse photo (flat and barren and looking at a formidable barrier)? The answer is, yes. So, how about a line of incidence and another line of incidence meeting (crossing), which by the way is a co-incidence, meeting at a fountain or some such icon my subconscious might embrace as desirable thereby delighting me with the concept? Now, please, as far as that luck thing goes, do see if you can rationalize or justify a measure of accountability and admit that luck and co-incidence is "actually" created within, from within. Which is self-realization 101. Right?! May I do the rewrite? Or do I owe someone an apology?

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