September 15, 2020
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Hi Deepak, I’m 34 year Irishman working in IT in Prague, Czech Republic. I began mediating 10 years ago, since then a range of abilities have emerged in me. The one I’d like to ask you about is telepathy. Frequently, I have remote/telepathic conversations with friends, work mates etc. The content of the conversations is often verified afterwards when I meet the people I’d spoken to telepathically and they confirm what was discussed.. I’d like to know what your thoughts are on the subject of telepathy and what it says about consciousness in general. Keep up the good work.


The ability to have non-sensory communication with others is available to every human being and some people like yourself have developed this potential more than others. What telepathy says about consciousness is that consciousness can function as a field effect that is not limited by space and does not always require a physical medium to transmit information.



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