February 19, 2020
Ask Deepak

Taking Things Personally.


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I know that nothing is personal and we shouldn’t take things personally, but how do we do that when someone does something deliberately to hurt you? I’ve always seemed to be too sensitive and I get my feelings hurt easily. What is the best way to prevent myself from being affected by what other people think and say about me?


First of all realize that your real self, the true you is not your body, it is not even your thoughts and feelings. Your essential being is not hurt and cannot be affected by anyone’s negativity, thoughtlessness or by praise. All those things matter to your conditioned self that values itself in comparison to others and how others see you. That is the source of the sensitivity in taking things personally.

The more you are able to be yourself in terms of your true self, the less affected you will be by what others think and say. You will value yourself by your own self-knowledge instead of looking outside yourself to others to tell you who you are.



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