February 10, 2014

Super Brain.


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I am not a scientist or medical trained person. I am a 72 year lady with an average education, who has become keenly aware and that as I grow older my sphere of interest and understanding as grown into avenues never dreamed before. I am somewhat in awe of what is happening to my mental capacities. As result of drowning incident at 5 years of age, I came back with the following mantra/ directive/purpose " I am here to love to learn and to learn to love." With that said , am I on the right track after reading your the book Super Brain and books on epigenetics

1. DNA is plastic/fluid, therefore the present state of your body's health is the result of past period of time of repressing or cultivating either positive or negative thoughts/feelings about your holistic self.

2. It follows then that changing negative thoughts – resulting in feelings/emotions – will result in the body manifesting beneficial results?

3. The greater, more intense and prolonged the feelings/emotions the greater impact on DNA. It seems that most, if not all, the research or cure for the major diseases – such as cancer, (all types), or neurological, in fact all of them are aimed at blocking the body's messages that it is in a state of dis-ease. In other words the cure is limited to the symptoms. Some are espousing manipulation of the DNA, WITHOUT GETTING A THE SOURCE (thoughts) WHY THE DNA PRIMARY DIRECTIVE/ WAS TWARTED. We are what we think. Very interested in what you think about epigenetics in relation with the Super Brain book.


You are most certainly on the right track. It is true that our thoughts, feelings and behavior influences which genes in our DNA are selected – up regulated or down regulated – and that has a direct impact on our health. I don’t know of any research that correlates the intensity and duration of emotion with epigenetic response, but that might well be an important factor.

I applaud your spirit of enquiry.


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  1. Neyfa G. Vazquez

    que guapo!!!! Señor chopra.

  2. Kamlesh Bhatt


  3. Tracy Haste

    I have a very simplistic idea about cancer. "What needs to be seen, given voice to, and forgiven in the light of deeper understanding?"

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