February 1, 2023
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Dear Dr. Deepak, What are the initial practical ways for getting out of a general feeling of stuckness? Thanks.


Being stuck means you have lost your conscious connection to the flow of your existence. It is likely to be your perception of stuckness as much as it is real stuckness. But before you assume your stuckness is a problem that must be fixed, look at the broader picture. All progress in life proceeds on the basis of phases of action and rest. One is as important as the other. If your career or emotional relationships are in a rest phase, where consolidation, reflection, and simplifying is the proper stage of growth, then interpreting is as stuckness and trying to force action will only make things worse. Your progress lies in cooperating with the natural rhythm of your growth. If you need to be more still and receptive yet your ego tells you that you must push ahead, you will feel stuck. If it is time for you to take action and assert yourself and you feel afraid and timid, you will also feel stuck. The most practical tool to gain clarity on your inner flow is meditation. It puts you in touch with your higher self and helps you listen to your inner rhythm. Aside from meditation, you may need to address the particular area where you feel stuck. For instance, it may be in social relationships, or with excess body weight, or with your career. In these cases, it will be helpful to employ actions that engage your inner flow with your outer life in those particular areas.



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