May 14, 2019

Strange Sleep Experience.


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I am following a spiritual path and your teachings along with Caroline Myss’s work have helped me transform beyond all recognition over the past two years. I am a totally different person in mind, body & spirit now. I have found truth.
However I am having experiences in my sleep that I can’t understand. As I sleep I am aware of my ears and my head buzzing. The sounds I hear are very similar to white noise that buzz on and off and my whole body and head feels aroused. It’s like a charge of electricity. I sometimes sense a light behind my eyes. It feels like it lasts for about 5 minutes and I know that if I wake myself up I will feel terrible so I tell myself to go with the feelings. Despite being asleep, I am observing what is happening.
It has happened about 10 times in the last three’ish years. They are good experiences, almost sexual, like reaching a point of orgasm … but I wonder if you are able to explain what might be happening and if I could enhance the feelings further (as there is a part of me that is frightened to surrender to it all.)
I have suffered for the past ten years with noise in my right ear, which I thought was tinnitus for a time but I now believe it to be an energetic block (it has improved 60% since cutting chemicals from my diet)


First of all you should see a hearing specialist for your possible tinnitus. Regarding your sleep experiences at night, it sounds to me like they are positive transformative experiences. Your higher self knows what changes and healing you need, and how to do it, so it is conducting these sessions to effect the necessary evolutionary shifts for you at this time. So don’t worry about these experiences or try to enhance them. That might only disrupt or interfere with the process.   Just let it continue as it needs to without fear, worry or interference. Maintain a neutral attitude without trying to encourage them or diminish them.  When the process is complete, it will stop on its own.



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  1. María Alejandra Tadeo González

    Sufro de tinnitus por estrés, cuáles son los caminos para la curación? Gracias

  2. María Alejandra Tadeo González

    Sufro de tinnitus por estrés, cuáles son los caminos para la curación? Gracias

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