September 5, 2022
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Stop Thinking.


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Dear Deepak, a friend recommended some books that I have recently been reading concerning the power of now. Fundamentally the idea of being in the present and not dwelling in the past or projecting into the future makes complete sense as does bringing in your awareness and being conscious of the Essence of who we are, which is far more than the external manifestation of our human form. However, in order to be present the author tells us to dis-identify with the ego and to do that we must stop identifying with the mind and stop thinking. Also that emotion is a result of thought and vice versa, therefore, to rid ourselves from ego, basically we’re told to stop thinking and stop feeling! Seriously?! If my physical form (body, mind, emotions) is an expression of the greater consciousness, then surely I’m not a design fault? I understand how the ego can take over and how obsessive thinking and negative emotion can be destructive. But having read this stuff I’m now feeling guilty for wanting to embrace my humanity and experience the joy of living. If this is enlightenment then we would never reflect and learn from our mistakes, and never imagine and create things in the future. Hope would no longer exist as it’s a future projection…..etc. I don’t want to stop thinking and stop feeling, it’s part of who I am. Please can you put some balance into this for me as it’s really messing with my sense of self as a human being and stealing my joy. Many thanks


This view of enlightenment as an unfeeling, unthinking, impersonal emptiness is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of reality. The purpose of enlightenment is to realize our true essence, and that essence is pure knowledge, existence and bliss. That is your true humanity, and achieving full human potential means we enjoy life in freedom and bliss. This pure consciousness is the source of all thoughts, feelings and forms, but is not limited or defined by any of its expressions. Knowing and experiencing our essential nature is how we go beyond the ego. Apart from moments of transcendence in meditation, we can’t stop thoughts or feelings in our daily life even if we wanted to. What does change in the state of self-realization is our relationship with those thoughts and feelings. In the state of ignorance, the ego defines and identifies with the content of the mind and senses, and thereby is limited and bound by those experiences. In enlightenment, the self knows itself as the unlimited, non-localized, timeless source of all thoughts and feelings. This awakening allows life to be lived in true happiness, love and appreciation.



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