June 16, 2022
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Spirituality and Anxiety.


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 Hi Deepak, I try to practice meditation every day, I have reached the point where I see all around me as my extension. One issue is that my thoughts sometimes invade me and create a little anxiety mood, then I observe these thoughts and they go away, but I often have butterflies in my stomach (Fight or Flight Response). In that moment I try to trace the thoughts that produce this, but sometimes I don’t succeed to identify them, I have only the sensation. My question is: Can you tell me please why do I have that sensation in my stomach and how can I dissolve it? Thank you and blessings!


It seems that meditation is creating a great expansion of your awareness, but your mind is not grounded enough in your body to stabilize this expansion and so you are prone to anxious moods. This can easily be remedied by getting more physical activity and exercise. Also make sure you are going to sleep early and getting enough sleep. Find activities that get you outside in Nature. Gardening, pottery, yoga, and massage are all good ways to ground your mental energies more fully into your body.



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