February 14, 2020
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Spiritual Travel.


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I am aware that there is more than what we think we are. I have had experiences over the years that prove this to me and as I relate this to others – I live in that moment as it was today. My family and I have just returned from a three-week tour of Europe and I experienced a re-awakening of something deeper in me in several historic cathedrals ( Chartres ) and Cathar Country. I yearn to go back and to travel the world to places of enlightenment. Can you tell me what is drawing me to visit these places? I feel a need to go to Peru next. We live in Canada in the Yukon Territory in a recreational cottage area on a lake with nature. I think my lifestyle has aided my spiritual education and really long for the beauty I have seen in a deeper level. I see beauty in poverty as well and when in Venice – experienced a deep sadness for the Roma women who beg on the ground, while everyone snickered and walked by.  I think my purpose is a teacher but I am also a seeker. I believe we are in a spiritual evolution. My background is nursing and social work and now a honey business. I really long to live in an area where everyone thinks and feels like me and wonder if there is such a place. Maybe Lilydale? Your response is appreciated.


There is no place where everyone thinks and feels like you and that is probably a good thing anyway. We need differences to explore new ideas.  The urge you feel to travel to spiritual sites around the world is a healthy instinct.  The visits you have made thus far have apparently awakened dormant memories and knowledge, and future travels to other powerful locations will likely produce more experiences along these lines.



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