November 30, 2020
Ask Deepak

Spiritual Search.


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Dearest Deepak, Something amazing is happening to me. Although I have always had a profound belief in God, suddenly I am aware that there is almost a ravenous thirst for more understanding and searching happening within me. I am not sure why I am suddenly drawn to books, websites, articles, and conversations about spirituality and the interconnectedness of us all. Could you please provide some insight as to why this may be happening, and also would you be able to direct me where to ‘start.’ There are so many books- which should I read first? Is there a particular ‘order’ in which to make of this experience and transformation? I am not sure how I ended up here on your website, but decided to TRUST that I did.


The desire for learning about spirituality is driven by the need to know our true self. There are times in life when this internal alert goes off and we feel impelled to awaken to our spiritual self. The place to start is wherever your present interest leads you. It can be through health, emotions, intellectual understanding or relationships. There is no right or wrong book to start with. Pick whatever appeals to you, and that is the place to begin.



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