August 2, 2019

Spiritual guides.


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Every meditation class or Reiki session I have attended, people always talk about spirit guides. I have always understood (or felt) that my guidance came from my own soul whose source was the collective soul. I understand archetypes and often use these in meditation but cannot fathom spirit guides. Are they archetypes? Are they souls helping us? Why does everyone have an American Indian guide? Friends have even had theirs drawn by an artist, not sure how I feel about this. Where do you stand?


The  underlying reality of the universe is that we are all a part of that one consciousness that creates, pervades and supports all the variety and diversity we observe. We as individuals are in the process of realizing our true nature as that one universal consciousness.

So, your understanding of spiritual guidance as springing from one’s own soul makes sense to me.  But it’s important to recognize that those who see their guidance in the form of spirit guides, devas, totems, djinns, angels, ascended masters, saints, bodhisattvas . . .or whatever . . .  may still see these as   coming from their own consciousness or higher Self. Look at these as merely stylistic or cultural differences, not fundamental differences.

As far as archetypes are concerned, I look at them as being in a slightly different category than as spirit guides. Archetypes are generalized principles or patterns of evolution. So while they can certainly serve as guidance and direction, it is not the same as a directing intelligent spiritual presence with a specific, personal communication.



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