May 18, 2019

Spiritual Evolution and Planetary Crisis.


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According to my understanding, after the ‘physical being’ transcends to the ‘non-physical’ (death as we know it), the soul can reincarnate, if it so desires.  If the purpose of the soul is to reach higher states of enlightenment at each rebirth, would this not imply that the children of each progressive generation will be more ‘enlightened’ than the former generation and should this not ultimately lead to the extinction of selfishness and hate?
While this concept seems idealistic, it also seems very simplistic – or does it really? Why then would there be so much poverty and misery all over the world? And why does humanity seem to be degenerating? I’m trying to make sense of all this confusion.
How are we going to fix this?


The soul’s purpose is to remember its true nature and immortal status through self-realization. It will keep reincarnating until  it does.  Even though the soul accumulates more experience  with each incarnation, the pace of evolution is voluntary, and that means some will take advantage of the opportunity to grow more rapidly than others. The growth of “enlightenment” of the world’s population will not necessarily be obvious from one generation to the next, especially because the parameters we are judging growth by are limited to what we imagine enlightenment to be from our unenlightened perspective.

Regarding your question of how to fix this—we will fix this together, through our collective awakening in consciousness. As our attention toward awakening deepens in our own lives, we activate and strengthen the collective consciousness to awakening, and this accelerates a shift in planetary  awareness toward enlightenment.  This shift in consciousness will give us access to the knowledge and cooperation amongst all of us to tackle these difficult problems.



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  1. Catt LeBaigue

    Very good. Excellent response. Thank you for your insights, Deepak. The mass consciousness is making quantum leaps.

  2. Catt LeBaigue

    Very good. Excellent response. Thank you for your insights, Deepak. The mass consciousness is making quantum leaps.

  3. Alena Adamkova

    Deepak....I enjoy your wisdom and energy and some your colleagues try to find the answers as well. It seems that we are trying to find happiness outside of us ..find some pleasure (as you said somewhere its short time happiness, people use to repeat it to be happy)...... but this article is interesting....because if we will make the world miserable, or hard.....we may no longer find the pleasure or happiness outside the world so we need people as you who will bring some wisdom and peace, and also the people who follow the minds like you, who care about the world....they may not write books but may make happy the people or neighbors or do little stuff with big love....and maybe we should also start to produce more healthy food and products that are not toxic.

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