May 17, 2021
Ask Deepak

Spiritual Awakening.


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My question is about spiritual awakening. I have recently experienced that state of pure joy and awakening and now I feel connected with the source and I am so positive but I have a lot of feelings and emotions going on. I feel confused and sad sometimes, I just want to cry but I can’t. So I want to know what exactly is going on. With Love!


The experience of awakening happens within consciousness—awareness becoming more aware of itself. When this occurs, there is often a release in the body and emotions of old contractions and tensions associated with the previously limited state of awareness. That is why after we have spiritual experiences of expanded awareness, there are often emotional feelings and physical sensations that seem contrary to our opened awareness. Just know that the release of these feelings and sensations is natural and healthy as our physical and emotional bodies normalize and adjust to our higher state of consciousness. Be patient and loving with the process and don’t judge or over-intellectualize it.



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