October 4, 2013

Source Alignment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do I align with my source and how do I know what it wants for my life? Aren't my dreams and desires what my soul wants for me?


The most effective way to align to your source is with a silent mediation that permits the mind’s activity to go beyond its limitations and experience your core consciousness. That is your source. Your mind with its thoughts and desires becomes aligned with it the more your experience that silent state of awareness. Your soul does express itself through your dreams and desires. But depending upon the clarity of your consciousness, those desires may also be strongly conditioned by past habits, fears, or external stimuli.


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  1. Aquap

    Wow! My true desires depends on how consciously clear I am. Huge eye opener.

  2. Nini Mch

    The clarity of our consciousness is the key for to taste our existence.

  3. Lydia Cuevas

    ¡Thank you very much!!!:)

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