April 29, 2012

Soulmate Stories.


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What I want to know is if there is really something called soulmates? I am asking this because I have gone through a very eventful life in this connection. For almost eight years I suffered from insomnia due to emotional turbulence related to a person I thought I didn't know too well. I used to almost go into altered states of consciousness and feel pain at the level of my soul. I went through a lot in this period to convince me that it is true. I think there is some deep karmic connection of our past lives and feel I have hurt this person a lot and hence it is coming back to me.


One can certainly have an extremely strong emotional bond with another person that can’t be explained by one’s recent history. In some cases that might be what you call a soulmate. Clearly you went through many years of emotional turmoil and distress over someone you had almost no interaction with in this lifetime. I honestly cannot tell you what caused this, but I would encourage you not to think about it in terms of karmic payback. That would be presuming something negative about yourself with nothing to base it on. It’s better to accept the experience you went through at face value and let the emotional depth and growth that came from it be the lesson that you learn. It’s natural enough to want a simple story to explain our pain, but it’s not always that simple, and too often we reach for explanations for our pain with stories that say we must have done something to deserve it. . But we don’t really know what we did, so we can’t learn from our presumed mistake, and we can’t change the past anyway even if we did know it. This open-ended guilt just leaves us feeling like we are a bad person or a victim of circumstances. The explanations and stories we use to make sense of our lives are very powerful, and we need to be clear about choosing explanations that empower us and help us grow.


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  1. Yash

    I am going through the same . Its very painful.when u see that person u feel shez ur soulmate(even when the other person might not be mad for u ) and when away , u try to console urself no shez not the one .though i am in an emotional predicament and have not even talked to her once but the very idea of parting from the person seems painful.i want to ask her is she loves me but when i go near her my throat dries and i can`t ask .And in this manner days slip into weeks,weeks slip into months and months into years.

  2. Ya.Sh.

    somewhat the same..I am 17(in 12th) and my childhood hasn`t been worth cherishing.From nearly nursery i`ve been trying to find a girl who can give me unconditional love.lonelinesss always ate me up(and thats what brought me into spirituality). 4 weeks back during library period a high school junior looked at me and i felt uneasy.on the next week`s library period she was sitting on the same table.and there was such pressure on my bowels!adrenaline rush..my throat drying.and our eyes perpetually resting on each other`s. i`ve not been able to study since i first saw her.I try to tell myslef that she`s not my soulmate but every library period i end up doing nothing but looking at her angelic face,craving for her love. Today(28th july`14) i called up Yogoda Ranchi Ashram(Self Realization Fellowship) got counselled .thnx to the monk.i`ve found a new perspective of living -"I am a soul playing a human role.I live for HIM. soulmate or a twin soul is but a soul to help me head towards HIM."feeling relaxed..just praying i don`t repeat the same thing again on the next period... she may not be that much inclined (i am not able to read her face.its like wondering-she loves me .she loves me not) but i am ready to sacrifice my life for her. anyone to offer me a piece of advice please!! specailly a female who can tell me how girls react if they are in love which is still a bud,not yet blossomed?) ican`t live this way anymore..help!

  3. BaronGordy

    We are soulmates. Known eachother since 1987, we were both in highschool. We were boyfriend/girlfriend, for 5 years. Eachother`s first `everything`. After highschool...we both joined The Navy. We were sent off/stationed in different states. Broke up in 1992 and been part for 20 years. We both `settled` and just married other people. Finally, reunited and back together, since 2012. Yes! 20 years later!! :) Happily engaged and counting down to the day of our wedding, in 2014. We are living proof that what is MEANT to be...will ALWAYS be. Life has came full circle for us and we share this bond, soulmate connection and blessing to be back in eachothers arms...exactly where we always belonged. Baron and Pamela Gordy Orlando FL

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