March 23, 2022
Ask Deepak

Soul Similarity.


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Is everyone’s soul the same? We have different personalities and lessons to learn. Is our Soul also evolving or are do we receive the same Soul as everyone else?


According to Indian philosophy, your true nature is Atman, your core existence which is identical with the universal existence of the cosmos. Just as a drop of water has the same existence as the ocean. The difference has to do with the sense of boundaries or separation, not in its existence. That essential nature of our existence does not grow, evolve, have a personality, or learn lessons.

The common idea of a “soul” that has a personality learns lessons is different consideration. That is a description of spiritual growth that is derived from our mind’s limited ability to conceive of reality, and therefore it assumes that there is a basic duality or sense of separation in existence. The mind cannot understand the non-local and holistic nature of consciousness as it truly is, so it imposes its three-dimensional, temporal, and objective concepts of reality onto the soul as something that is distinct, separate and that can grow and learn. But in truth, your essential nature isn’t a thing that is given to you, it is what you truly are, your Being.



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