September 28, 2013

Soul Searching.


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Dear Deepak, thank you for all your information! I really hope you can help me find out what is the human soul. This is what I know: the identity is a construct which functions as an artificial intermediary between the self and the world that are perceived as separate. It seems to me that the soul is a functioning intermediary. Experientially I know my soul: I experience it as an undoubting subjectivity within awareness. This subjectivity is unique. It also seems that the light of awareness shines on the depth of the soul, bringing layer after layer into conscious awareness. Thus it is creating a storyline of growth and development. But where is this undoubting subjectivity seated? Is it in the DNA? Like awareness, the seeing is non-local, but the soul seems local. I feel as if it is in the gut, but only when the light of awareness shines on it, it becomes "active". But at the same time, I can feel it as a field, in and around me. I wonder if this is the radiation of the soul, or the soul itself, or it is the alignment of attention with its source that is field-like. Also, I noticed that this undoubtful subjectivity is in fact already active in providing the human with choices that reflect ones own mistakes, so it can find its way "home". Still, the point is, that the subjectivity knows to be its own desire in a given moment, in the middle of million possibility's, there is only one now, that is a given. And it recalculates with every movement, like a gps system. So, I thought about it that the soul is "just" the entrance towards the knowing what is best in this situation, in this moment, in this context, in alignment with the whole. Thus it might seem a individual source of (stored) information, but in fact it is the gate of life, so to say, a positioning that consists in the ability to receive this information and guidance, that does never repeat itself. In this case, "soul" is the expression of the coming together of the non-local and the local information? But where is then, the "blueprint" of the soul? Maybe you could tell me which of your books explores this subject the most?


The soul is that core of love, creativity, within intelligence that you described experientially as your sense of subjectivity. It is immaterial and so is not based on DNA. The physical world is based on the non-physical, non-local realm. So the immaterial soul is not seated in our cells, but in pure existence itself. The sense of location of the soul in the space of the body is an artifact of our physical senses of perceptions. The book that might help you the most in understanding how the soul’s structure is revealed through self-realization is How to Know God.



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